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Daily Bull 7.11.15


SEC Network

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WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. Read this stuff first then go back to watching AGGIE SEC NETWORK TAKEOVER DAY. This is really just a tactic to hold you over a few weeks this summer, but it's kinda working. AGGIE SEC NETWORK TAKEOVER MONTH. Do it, SECN.

Hey, an Aggie listicle that's actually kinda funny and mildly accurate. I know, I know, listicles are terrible internet clogging plaque, but it's an Aggie one and it's Saturday. Read "10 Types of Fans you Will Witness At An Aggie Football Game" before you see it plastered all over Facebook with "LOL I'm totes #5". Really just disappointed that the author didn't do 12 types of fans for proper #branding.

Good news/bad news. ESPN is touting reasons why you could be excited over a successful Aggie football season or why you should just give up now. We like to work with extreme swinging emotions around here.

He said he was sorry. Rabid Mavs fans didn't take to DeAndre Jordan resigning with the Clippers after his verbal commitment to the Mavs, but he released an apology to the Mavs fans and Mr. Cuban. It's okay, Mavs fans, soon you'll distract yourself with football and this will be all a hazy memory of drama that could not exist without twitter and social media. What a time to be alive.

Nostalgia lane is a nice jaunt. Acie Law was up last night with you watching the 2006 UT game. Tis nice to see a former player still excited about Aggie basketball as it's fans are.