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Daily Bull 6.7.15

BASEBALL PLAN: Strike players out, hit more baseballs, run across home plate, get bubbles. I can interview for Aggie coaching positions via Skype. Contact info above.

Texas A&M Athletics

WELP THAT GAME WENT. IT WENT. Yes went it did. Read about how it went. Good job to all the Aggies who went and I hope you'll be saying you were glad you went today.

HOW IT GOES. Ags need a win today to stay in the Super Regional. The regal James Gardner has some fine uplifting words for you. First pitch is at 1:15 PM on the sun that is Fort Worth right now. If you're pale like me you can also watch it from your underground cave on ESPN.

HEY OTHER THINGS. Aggie track and field is currently preparing for the NCAA outdoor Championships in Eugene and a couple of players have gotten some nice home conference honors. As voted by SEC coaches, Deon Lendore was selected as SEC Runner of the Year, a title he also held last year and Ionannis Kryazis now holds the SEC Freshman Field Athlete of the Year.

Yesterday, I learned that TCU does have nice architecture (that's weird and I don't understand) but their students can be kinda dicks. But we aren't like that because we're CLASS--*gets drug away from computer by editors*

BTHO tcu.