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Daily Bull 6.6.15


Texas A&M Athletics

PUT ME IN COACH, I'M READY TO PLAY TODAY. Y'all, there's baseball today in case you live under a rock. Texas A&M travels (sigh) to Texas Christian University in the Worthiest of Forts with Aggies wanting a beat down with bubbles. Here's the program you would have gotten if NC State had held on. The game is at 2:00 PM on the fledgling ESPN channel. if you are going to the game, below is actually a very helpful image from TCU Athletics.

TCU IS BAD AT COUNTING PEOPLE. Experienced with TCU football game attendance, TCU AD Chris Del Conte doesn't believe that too many Aggies are going to make it to this game. Well, with my Aggie math of eyeballing the twittersphere, I think that number might be a smidgen higher. Whatever the AD says, the TCU baseball team is expecting a rowdy crowd. Yesterday they were spotted piping in loud crowd noises. They scared.

ZOMG BLUE CHIP FOR US?! Flyin' the swaggercopter out to Tennessee, a football player was visited by the Aggie DC. Kid run's so fast you'd expect him at QB, now he's committed to be an Aggie. TYREL, TYREL DODSON.
Chief made a crucial commit from linebacker Tyrel Dodson yesterday that's gotten naysayers and whiny people who thought he wouldn't recruit for us to be a bit quieter. The future is bright, y'all.

AGGIES GETTIN' JOBS IS THE BEST. Three Aggie women's basketball players have made the rosters of the WNBA. Danielle Adams in San Antonio, Kelsey Bone in Connecticut and Sydney Colson also in San Antonio. Awesome.

Have a fantastic Saturday and BTHO tcu!