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Daily Bull 6.20.15

Heeeeeey there, yesterday was fun.

Well, this doesn't look ominous.
Well, this doesn't look ominous.
The Corps of Cadets Assocation

REST IN THE PEACE YOU NEVER GAVE ANYONE, WOOBIRDS. TCU played their final game (finally) last night when Vanderbilt beat them senseless in a 7-1 game. Vandy goes on to the final to either play Virginia or Florida. Florida came out of the loser bracket to win against Virginia and needs one more win to advance to the final with Vandy. Florida/Virginia is on today at 7PM on ESPN.

AGGIE FINDS JOB AFTER GRADUATION. Pitcher Jason Freeman of Mansfield, Texas announced last night that he will be going to the Kansas City Royals. Very exciting and joins Ashe Russell with the Royals. Great job.

HUZZAH IT'S THE OFF SEASON, LET'S GET EXCITED ABOUT CALENDARS. First up is your most favorite soccer team. Their 19 game complete schedule has been released so that you can make room in it and go to every game. Olé, olé, olé, olé indeed.

YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL, WHAT WILL YOU DO? LOL, football always. With the release of the men's basketball non-conference schedule there's an opportunity to go to basketball at Reed and possibly ignore what's happening as the Aggies play at Vandy at the same time. I'm sure UNC-Asheville will appreciate the cheers that come from the stands that might occasionally correlate to them scoring a basket or two.

IT'S A TRAP. Yesterday saw the release of many pictures of the steam tunnels below A&M's campus. They are full of mystery and are probably the closest that Aggies will get to having any true lore (basically because they were marked as out of bounds and grounds for expulsion). The Corps of Cadets Association is calling out for any stories you might have of the steam tunnels.