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Daily Bull 6.14.15

"Except for Monday which was never good anyway, Tuesday I get a little sideways, Wednesday I feel better just for spite. Thursday and Friday take too long, before I know it, Saturday's gone. But it's Sunday now and you can bet that I'm alright." -Your Lorrie Morgan mantra to get though the off season.

Texas A&M finishes 3rd overall for the Women's NCAA Track Championship..
Texas A&M finishes 3rd overall for the Women's NCAA Track Championship..
Texas A&M Athletics

LEFTOVER BASEBALL. There's still sports on the TV. If you find yourself in an emotionally fragile state and need some motivation, you can watch LSU btho tcu today at 2 PM on ESPN. And The Valley Shook did the equivalent of a BAS piece on today's game, read if you want to get more feelings into watching it. They also have pretty darn good coverage of the whole CWS on their story stream of the event. Game 4 with Cal State Fullerton and Vanderbilt is on at 7 PM on ESPN2.

NOOOO! TRACK IS OVER NOW TOO? Aggies finished up their outdoor season yesterday with a pretty good 3rd place overall finish for the women's team. Notably, Shamier Little and Shelbi Vaughan both defended and won their championship tiles in the 400 hurdles and discus, respectively. A&M was unable to maintain their overall title from last year against Oregon who swept both the men's and women's championships in Eugene this year. Great job to both teams.

SUMLIIN ADMIN CHANGES TO HELP PLAYERS WITH THE LAW. ESPN took a look at the A&M's past problems with it's football players and local law enforcement. Lots of basic "scared straight" tactics, but it also discusses the treatment differences between football players and average students in B/CS by law enforcement. It's an odd article at times but the subject matter could be something worth discussing.