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Daily Bull 5.31.15

Put on your rally caps...boxes...veggie trays...?

Rally Snack Caps.
Rally Snack Caps.

LET'S GET SILLY. Baseball had an interesting time yesterday. California might not be the weird state anymore after seeing the rally cap stylings of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Baseball Team. However, this rallied team was not rallied enough with California winning the game 2-1 in the 14th. Pretty sure every player was stranded on base 13 times each and we were reminded that bunting is bad. Baseball continues today with the schedule below.

I LOVE LOGISTICS. Well, sometimes, but I think I've worked out how this regional works. California's win yesterday sends them to the winner's bracket for the overall winner of the regional. A&M gets sent to the second round of the losers bracket  to play Coastal Carolina who beat TSU yesterday in the first round of the losers bracket. If A&M wins this game, they go on to play California where they need to beat them twice in order to win the regional and move on in the CWS. If A&M wins against Coastal Carolina, but loses to California, then the regional is over and California moves on. If that's confusing just know that the Aggies need to win three straight games to get out of the regional.

Today's games (all on WatchESPN and ESPN3):

  • Texas A&M vs. Coastal Carolina at noon (A&M designated as the home team)
  • A&M/Coastal vs. California at 6 PM

If A&M or Coastal Carolina wins against California, the final game of the regional will be at 6:30 PM on Monday.

SHERMS GOES BACK TO SCHOOL. Coach Mike Sherman, formerly head coach of the Aggies (I think, can't be sure, the final years of the Big 12 seem like a bad dream now) will be heading for the attractive lure of Friday night lights at Nauset Regional High School in Massachusetts as head coach of their football team. Sounds like he'd be a good fit in a high school setting and I wish him all the best.

OTHER SPORTS ARE STILL HAPPENING. Aggie Track is currently in the middle of their NCAA regionals in Austin, where they cleaned up and are sending 28 athletes to the Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Aggie Women's golf gets another nod for their accomplishments with Marijosse Navarro and Maddie Szeryk being named to the second string of the All-Americans team making this the first time A&M has sent two players.

Okay here's some rally cap tweets to get you going for today: