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Daily Bull 5.30.15

Okay, how many dirt puns can I put in here...

Texas A&M Athletics

MUDSLINGIN' FROM THE DUGOUTS. The Ags got a win for GBH favorite and Aggie Baseball superfan @Statboy203's birthday. However, Texas Southern got a little tetchy after losing 0-5 to the Aggies yesterday. TSU's coach Michael Robertson was reported to have said that the field was under ill conditions and insinuated that it could have been on purpose as a way of mudding down the Tiger team. Really dirty blow from someone who hasn't been present on this earth long enough to remember that 35 trillion gallons of water have rained on Texas this month. Ags can rest easy though, despite the dust up, groundskeeper/turf artist Nick McKenna remains steadfast with integrity while sludging on so that his field is prepared with the utmost care.

REGIONAL LOGISTICS. With A&M's and California's wins yesterday, they play today at 6 PM in Olsen and on ESPNU. Check JZ's preview here for details on the teams in the Regional. Loser's bracket contains TSU and Coastal Carolina that goes up at 2 PM on ESPN3. Winners go on to play Sunday for a double elimination round.

MOVING DAY. The Class of 2019 (ugh that's a big number) football players are moving into Aggieland today. Twitter is a flutter for the excitement of saying 'Howdy!' to fellow Ags, the logistics of boxes, being a part of the 12th Man and waking up before the dawn to journey to College Station. New Ags are always adorable and it's nice to see such enthusiasm before two-a-days and sleds in Texas summer run them ragged. Good luck to the new fish and returning players.