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Daily Bull 5.10.15

Happy Mother's day to all you mommas who are so cool to read Good Bull Hunting!

Texas A&M Athletics

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BURN OLSEN AT THE STAKE. IT'S FULL OF WITCHCRAFT. People's lives were shortened yesterday due to baseball induced stress. There were runs all over the place with a final score of 15-14 with the Aggies coming on top. The Ags were down 0-5, but with five homers (that got 8 runs) the Aggies were on fire offensively. The game saw 36 hits and 9 home runs which is just wow. Series is decided today at 1 PM on SEC Network+.

TENNIS. NOT JUST FOR FANCY COUNTRY CLUB TYPES. Well, fancy people can come too, it's cool. The Aggie Men's Tennis team took down Oklahoma State 4-2 yesterday to advance to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Championship tournament. They head off to Waco this Thursday for their match against O-H I-O State.

MORE WINNING, PLEASE YES. The Aggie Women's Tennis team is also progressing nicely through the NCAA Championship as well with a 5-0 win over Alcorn State. Today is the second round against TCU. Live video is here where you can pretend that it's the 70's with it's grainy video and white noise audio. Needs terribad lower third captions to complete the ambiance. There's a mom there filming with her phone that will look better than this. (I complain because I care. Get on that, folks.)

SEE I TOLD YOU THEY WOULD DO WELL. As I predicted with my golf prowess, the Aggie Women's Golf team advanced to the NCAA Championships yesterday in San Antonio. The Ags finished at 4th place with the top six teams advancing. The Championship starts on May 22 in Bradenton, Florida.

Since all of this news is positive, I wanted to leave you with a sad note that will tug at your heart strings that will cause you to look longingly into your empty freezers.