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Daily Bull 4.4.15

Can the softball team get better graphics and sound effects? There are so many missed opportunities for Clint Eastwood clips at games.

12th Man Productions


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AGGIELAND STANDOFF. The softball team got a win in their first game with Georgia Tech last night. The game was kept scoreless due to the diligence of pitcher Rachel Fox and the GT pitcher all the way into the sixth until Freshman Tori Vidales' 10th season home run. The pitching duel continued with Fox ending the inning with a 1-2-3 and catching the last pop fly herself.

COMPACT BASEBALL. Thursday! No baseball. Moved to Friday. Friday! No baseball. Cancelled. Now we have abbreviated baseball today with a double header with 7-inning games because of rules apparently. Really, all I've learned is that Kentucky is bad at weather and to appreciate Olsen ground crews far more. Games are at noon and 2:30 PM on the SEC Network.

WINNER WINNER WINNER. Aggie track took a few first place finishes and sweeps at the Stanford Invitational yesterday.  Invitational records were broken by Shamier Little in the 400m hurdles where she placed 1st again. Gregory Coleman brought in a 1st place finish in the 400m hurdles for the men's race making it an Aggie sweep for the event.  Shavez Hart also earned the team a first place finish in the 100m. The #1 Aggies will continue the invitational as it concludes today.