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Daily Bull 4.11.15

Rain, games on diamonds and maybe there's some chili. (No beans)

Grayson Long pitching at Friday's Mississippi State game.
Grayson Long pitching at Friday's Mississippi State game.
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BUY ME SOME PEANUTS AND BUBBLE MACHINES. #1 Aggies are having a good weekend start even with inclement weather with their 3-1 win over Mississippi State CLANGA. Logan Taylor set off a two-run home run with Nick Banks in the fourth. Read up on the series from baseball and beer sommelier jzimmermann11 here. Note: today's game has been moved up an hour to 1:05 pm due to weather, watch on SEC Network+.

DOUBLE HEADER SOFTBALL. Sunday's game has been moved to today due to weather after the Ags fell to the Auburn Tigers. The 1-8 loss was a hard blow to the Aggies with a less than lackluster performance from senior pitcher Rachel Fox, although fish Kayla Ober made some real strides as relief, allowing only three hits in the fourth. First game is at 1:02 pm and the second to follow thirty minutes from the first. Game one will be broadcasted on ESPNU and so far nothing is scheduled for game two.

ARE YOU JONESING FOR A LITTLE COLLEGE FOOTBALL? There's no Aggies on the schedule, but SEC Network+ is making some rounds amongst spring football with South Carolina, Florida, Ole Miss and Georgia.

GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK, JOHNNY. It's being reported by ESPN that Johnny Manziel has now been released from rehabilitation. After two months away, it's good to see him getting ready to come back and play again. He's been slated to return to the Brown's workouts on April 20th.

Hey! It's Chilifest time and we all know what that means. Camels.