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Daily Bull 3.8.2015

This late Daily Bull brought to you by Daylight Savings.

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OMG OMG OMG. Aggie Baseball is 15-0 making every single game overwhelmingly tense so you should watch every game. But suppose some evil TV executive decides to air your precious Aggie Baseball on something called ROOT Sports and you have no clue as to where that exactly is on your television set. Take a gander here to view the handy dandy guide Dr. Norris Camacho has come up for you. Game against Baylor today at 2:30 PM to wrap up the Houston College Classic.

Aggies are super good at throwing and hitting things... Aggie Softball gains another win from Kentucky (6-3) yesterday. Rachel Fox threw for another complete game because she's a super human. Junior Breanna Dozier hit with the bases loaded and got the Aggies a three run double bumping the score up to 6 runs. Ags complete the series with the Wildcats at 6:30 PM on the SEC Network.

...but not as great on throwing things into baskets. Oh, ouch. Shots fired. (I'm really just sad right now. I make jokes but it's really not working at all.) Aggie Men's Basketball just barely missed getting a final win from Alabama (61-60) and if you had Sherman flashbacks, you wouldn't be wrong. A&M gave up a substantial lead at the half only to see it turn into sand and run out of their hands. I could add more metaphors but it's not going to make this any easier. I'm putting all my eggs in the basket and say a miracle happens at the SEC Championship. Perhaps all the teams except for A&M mysteriously get mononucleosis and then they make a movie about our success. (Help me.)

Y'all have a good Sunday and good luck with adjusting your kids and animals to the new time.