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Daily Bull 3.29.15


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DON'T TOUCH ME. Aggie baseball might cause the premature aging of Olsen fans. Ags have another loss added to their record. New starter Kyle Simonds pitched for five innings with a good start but made some crucial mistakes that helped Mizzou tie up the game at 2-2 in the sixth. After some transgressions that lead to an ejection of Ronnie Gideon, the Tigers got ahead 3-2 with Ty Schlottmann pitching. Ags couldn't recover in the ninth leading to their first home loss of the season. Series wraps up today at 1 PM on SEC Network+.

STOP IT. Hitting balls with sticks sports had just a really bad day. After the very disappointing run rule loss yesterday, Aggie softball racks up another loss to Alabama. After leading for 5 innings the Ags let the Bammers have a fantastic sixth inning ending up with a 5-8 loss. Pitcher Katie Marks did well by keeping Alabama scoreless until the 3rd when Abby Donnell relieved her in the middle of the 4th with her first strikeout and a ground out. After a two run homer from Bama, senior Rachel Fox returned to the mound but just couldn't get the win out. Last game of the series is today at 1:30 PM on SEC Network+.

SERIOUSLY, I'M FINE. The #4 equestrian team took a second place finish after a 12-5 loss to #2 Georgia. It was the first home loss for the Aggies (this feels like a conspiracy now) leaving the Ags a 8-6 record. This was A&M's first SEC Championship apperance and Georgia's first championship win in the SEC. The SEC is a tough field in equestrian with 4 of the top ten teams and every NCEA national champion has been an SEC school. We're good with horses, PAAAAAWL. NCEA National Championship event is April 16th in Waco.

TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER, I KNOW IT. AggieFBLife tried out a new social media set up with Periscope. If you need a bit of explaining such as myself as to why this is a thing, read Ranger's article here. In addition to returning players to the practice fields, incoming freshmen Daylon Mack and Kyler Murray made appearances at the scrimmage as well. Cool to see them in Aggieland.