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Daily Bull 3.15.15

Look at all these good things happening to Aggies. Hold onto those feelings.

Ol' Army Spirit and Olsen Magic
Ol' Army Spirit and Olsen Magic
12th Man Productions


Part of the Official Sideline Collection from Adidas. Available in maroon, white, and black for $69.99

1000 WINS AT OLSEN FIELD! The only undefeated collegiate baseball team in the country bumped their record up to 20-0 and conference record to 2-0 yesterday against Auburn. After a bit of a hitch in the first when Auburn gained two runs that wouldn't go answered until the 4th. Ags held the Tigers back until the 9th letting them have two more runs because we're nice. Final score 11-4. Today the game starts at 1:05 PM on SEC Network+ (holler if that doesn't work again and we'll cry along with you.)

CASHING OUT IN STARKVEGAS. The Aggie Softball team evens out the series 1-1 against the Mississippi State Bulldogs after crawling out of the depths of a 5 run deficit. A lot of the hard work goes out to relief pitcher sophomore Abby Donnell not allowing any hits from the second until the sixth. Final score 10-8. Series concludes at 1 PM also on SEC Network+ (I don't know how these TV things work but you better be watching both games at the same time.)

Why aren't there more NCAA sports with animals? That seems like a good idea since the No. 6 Aggie Equestrian team defeated the No. 4 Auburn team yesterday to conclude conference play 12-7.  Ags earn the #3 seed in the SEC Championships which will be in College Station (because we have nice things here) on Friday March 27th. Great job, ladies.

IT'S SELECTION SUNDAY! stuff. Have a good time with that, I'll wait for tomorrow when the women's basketball seeding is announced instead. Also tomorrow marks the start of NCAA Women's Tourney ticket sales at the Selection Show, details here.

AGGIES ARE SUPER FAST. At the NCAA Indoor Track Championship in Fayetteville, the Aggie Men's 4x400 relay came out on top. The team broke all collegiate record for the second time and set the fourth fastest record in the world. Oregon and Arkansas won the men's and women's titles respectively. The outdoor season starts this next weekend in Arizona.

Don't watch this if you don't like feeling emotions. The Aggies racked up the 1000th win at Olsen Field yesterday and 12th Man Productions put together a clip at the game for the event. Have a good Sunday and BTHO auburn and miss state!