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Daily Bull 3.14.15


Hunter Melton hits a grand slam last night.
Hunter Melton hits a grand slam last night.
Texas A&M Athletics


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GRAND SLAMS ARE NOT JUST AT DENNY'S. Hot damn. Aggie baseball is 19-0 and making us all sorts of happy. Last night's enneadecagon sided win (that is a 19 sided polygon, so don't say you didn't learn something today) against Auburn was earned with a big help from Hunter Melton with a grand slam in the bottom of the 2nd. Ags were 0-2 before the Hunter Melton show really began and finished the game up at 6-2. Series continues tonight at 4:00 PM on the SEC Network.

Softball Sadness. The Aggies are stuck in Starkville with nothing to look at but a loss in the first game of their series with the Bulldogs. Clanga shut out the game 7-0 with pitcher Rachel Fox struggling to keep the Tigers from getting past her. But there's still two more games so pop over to SEC Network+ at 1 PM and watch them (cowbell mute will soon be available).

Yep, it's the off-season. Jason Kirk over at SBNation CFB whipped up a bracket playoff system for college football and the Aggies are in a sad place there. It's based off of the final rankings of this past season and I'm currently thinking that we should dump the FCS for this because it would extend college football into the summer probably.

The amount of War Eagles in this town is too high. (oh they aren't called War Eagles? Is it because it would be too cool of a mascot for someone from Auburn? Probably.) ANYWAY, over at the Hildebrand Equine Complex the Fightin' Texas Aggie Equestrian team hosts one of the 13 tiger teams in the SEC and this is the last event for the nine seniors who've lead the team this year. The meet is starting at 11 AM and you can follow the action on the Aggie Equestrian Twitter feed.

ICYMI. DeAndre Jordan scored his first career 3-pointer in Dallas last night at the Clippers-Mavs game. Enjoy some of that professional Fightin' Texas Aggie bouncyball success.