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Daily Bull 2.8.15

Hang on, I'm trying to see if we can get these two wins against tiger teams to replace a football loss to another tiger team. I'm pretty sure this is how sports work. I'll get back to you with the results.

Photo: Danuel House not at Mizzou.
Photo: Danuel House not at Mizzou.
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports


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Shootyhoops and sneaker squeaks gain a road win. And with a 73.3% free throw completion?! Who are these people? The defense was a bit rough, but this was Mizzou and they didn't notice it as well as they should have (although their FT% was 84.2%, Kennedy might be calling Coach Anderson to ask how to get it that high.) Danuel House contributed 20 points to the 83-61 win, with Missouri proving that SEC Basketball Fever is alive and well in Columbia. Next game is Wednesday against Georgia at Reed at 6 PM on the SEC Network.

Let the road wins continue. No. 14 Aggie Women's basketball travels to Starkville to play the No. 17 ranked CLANGA. (See how the women's SEC teams have numbers next to their names? That's nice.) The two teams are looking to get a top four seed to the NCAA and to keep the #3 spot in the conference. To make it more interesting the Miss. State head coach is a former assistant head coach from A&M. Should be a great game to watch. Game starts at 2 PM on the SEC Network.

SoCal, so what? After a split on Friday, the softball team managed to have an unblemished Saturday with two wins over San Diego State and UCLA. The 7th ranked Bruins gave them a beating on Friday, but the Ags came out victorious with a 6-4 win along with their 9-5 win over San Diego State. Aggies finish up the SoCal Classic with a 12:30 game against Purdue, broadcasted on AM 1150.

Runnin', Runnin', Runnin'. The Texas A&M Aggie Invitational wrapped up Saturday with A&M sweeping all the team titles. Among the results here, A&M broke three home records in wight throw and men's and women's mile. This invitational is closing out the home side of the Indoor season with Arkansas Invitational this coming weekend with the SEC and NCAA championships to follow.