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Daily Bull 2.7.15

The Battle of the Bowtie saga continues. We all know who Dr. Loftin's favorite is, I wouldn't be worried unless this contest came down to the actual playing of basketball. There might be room for error there.

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gigthem08 has been kidnapped by the enemy and forced to contribute to their evil empire. He of course is presumed to be dead, mauled by tigers who are confused as to why they are in Missouri. You can read his final words in this Rock M Nation article about today's men's basketball game at Mizzou. My favorite part is when he manages to link back to his articles on GBH during his interview. A+ self-promotion, rcb05 would be proud. Game is at 5:00 pm on ESPNU.

BASEBALL. If you're jonesing for some of that sweet, sweet rubbing mud, Aggie Baseball is having their Maroon & White scrimmage today at 1:05 PM in Olsen (baseball, as you know is strict about time spent baseballing). There is a Meet-and-Greet before hand and the Aggies will be raising money for the Cancer Foundation to Fight Childhood Cancer. Details here.

AGGIE SOFTBALL. It is currently happening right now. No lie. The Aggie softball team is currently set to play two of their five games today of the SoCal Collegiate Classic in LA. Yesterday, the Ags managed a split with their first two games of the series with a 5-1 win over Utah, but a grueling 13-0 defeat with #6 UCLA. The Ags will get a chance to play UCLA again today along with an earlier game with San Diego State. Games will be radio broadcasted at 12:30 PM and 5:30 PM on 1150 AM.

Good luck to Gramling. Among the combine invitations yesterday, Garrett Gramling was one of two NCAA players who declined the offer. Gramling has stated that he is retiring from football and hasn't said for what particular reasons. Nonetheless, we wish him well in his future endevours.

IT'S TRUE! We are looking for help in the form of free laborers contriubutors to write about 'crootin' and men's squeakyfouls and maybe some social media shenanigans. Hit up cuppy & Dr. Camacho if you are interested.