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Daily Bull 2.28.15

Aggie Baseball goes into Dartmouth series undefeated, nothing could ever go wrong ever.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


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BAS has now infected Aggie Baseball. The Aggies straggled behind Dartmouth (0-1) 0-3 until the bottom of the 8th before Olsen Magic finally kicked in. Ags pulled out from their goose egg score into the ninth up 4-3 where both A&M and Dartmouth kept the inning scoreless, making your Fightin' Texas Aggie Baseball team still UNDEFEATED. Series continues today at 2 PM in Olsen and is broadcasted on SEC Network+.

Basketball farewell tour. Today the Ags have their second to last home game of the season against Auburn before they run off to Nashville for the SEC Tournament in March in new duds. Today is Military Appreciation Day, so you have to watch or go to the game or you don't love America. Game tips off at 7:30 PM on the SEC Network.

Softball was wicked awesome yesterday. This weekend is the Texas A&M Softball Invitational and where the Aggies are prepared to beat down everyone. Yesterday saw a double header with the Ags wiping the floor with Boston University and Illinois State, (8-0 and 16-1, respectfully). The invitational continues today with UTSA starting off the day and the Ags wrapping it up with another round with Illinois State and Boston. Games are at 3 PM and 5:15 PM on SEC Network+.

You don't need a law degree to understand contract law. Which is why we let engineer ChuckGBH explain the disgruntlement between the love triangle of LSU, A&M, and new DC John Chavis. All silliness aside (oh, I don't like that), it seems that everyone is just covering bases of what needs to be done and A&M is going to pay for Chavis' fee for leaving early from Baton Rouge. But it's the off season and we need something to do, so let us all read contracts to fill the time.