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Daily Bull 2.15.15

Winner, winner, Layne's chicken dinner.

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Runs for everyone! Wait, that sounds bad. The Aggies were on a hot pace again yesterday against Holy Cross, scoring 16 runs after Friday's 19. The Crusaders did have a better time Saturday however still coming up short with the final score racking up to 16-11. There were enough walks logged by the Aggies to get you from Bush School to Blocker, but the Crusaders did put up a bit of a fight to make for an interesting game. The series finishes up today at Olsen at noon and broadcasted on SEC Network+

Hope your Valentine's day manicure wasn't ruined by Aggie Basketball. Reed was hopping for yesterday's game against Florida. The Aggies couldn't shut out the Gators, but a 3-pointer from Jalen Jones and a sub-par performance in crunch time from the Gators got the Ags a 63-62 win. Next game is at home Tuesday against LSU.

Welp, can't sweep everything. Softball saw a W/L split yesterday after their dominating 8-0 victory over Eastern Michigan.  The 3-4 loss to Penn State hits a bit hard after Friday's 8-0 win over the Nittany Lions. The Aggie Classic wraps up today at 12:15 PM against Missouri State. Game is on SEC Network+.

Any day with a win over 'sips is a good day. The Aggie Hockey team finished up the season last night against t.u. with a 4-3 win. With a packed arena, the Ags keep the Texas Challenge Cup after managing to hold on to the advantage the whole game. Next step is to convince the SEC to have summer hockey become official so we can have something to do in the long off-season that is this entertaining.