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Daily Bull 2.1.15

Ah, the day we all pretend that the NFL can fill the void that college football has left. Eat your 49-layer dip in solace.

There are bloggers in this picture.
There are bloggers in this picture.
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Basketball did not terrible! The men's team had a interesting time against Vanderbilt yesterday. I'm not a big basketball person, but I was under the impression that free throws were supposed to be gimme points, but the Aggies and Commodores proved me wrong. It's nice to learn new things. But, great job Reed Rowdies and everyone who showed up to the sold out arena. There was minimal Ol' Army grouchiness yesterday with the crowd that big. Keep it up!

Okay, everyone just stayed in Reed overnight, right? The women's basketball team is looking to keep Reed winning today against Auburn. The Tigers have had a bit of a rough go this season and have yet to win a conference game...and they surely aren't going to find one here. I've logistically worked it out that you can either go or watch this game before the Super Football Sports Game® that's on later today, so no excuses. Game tips off at 2 PM on SEC Network+.

At risk of turning GBH in to a rag mag, I'm going to get excited about this. Yesterday, Reed Arena saw not only maximum levels of former and current students, but a few future ones as well. Both Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray were sighted at the game and around town. Even with some interesting photo bombing from the current QB on his new teammate. I'll reassure you that there hasn't been anything wild to report from this group today. *finds largest sequoia in the world to knock on* so I assume the night ended with a friendly game of Scrabble and they tucked in at a decent time to go to church this morning.