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Daily Bull 12.20.15: Merry Christmas, here's a basketball!


Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

WALKING IN A NOSTALGIC WONDERLAND. One of the most treasured of Aggie Traditions is wandering down memory lane when new original content is lacking. Since the world tends to take it easy with coming up with interesting events on Sunday mornings, let's revisit the holiday highlights GBH has gifted to you in the past three years.

  • Ever think that an article from 10 days ago would lose it's topical feel? If you don't believe it, check out RCB's Christmas Lights at Kyle Field. It has a Santa's Wonderland feel, but leaves you sad knowing you can't drive your car through Kyle.
  • Find out that Christmas 2014 was an innocent time when our desires were just a ice cream social with the new DC. (This could still happen.)
  • RCB Christmas fashion was a big hit, even if he refuses to learn how to write knitting patterns so our readers could make these Aggie Christmas sweaters themselves. However, we have some great news! You can buy a real GBH sweater-like t-shirt to show off to your friends.
  • We reach all the way to 2013 where GBH had a prophetic letter to Santa from Steve Spurrier. I hope he did get those golf clubs.
  • Need a last minute gift? We are still honoring free lifetime memberships! Gift these to your friends and family to remind them that the Aggie Spirit is inside us all and doesn't need to be behind a pay wall.
  • If you're feeling generous, there will be a blogger waiting outside our mail box for your letters at all times. Please send your well wishes to our address below. We will reply with a GBH sticker and other swag by at least next Christmas.
    Good Bull Hunting
    1127 Eldridge Parkway
    STE 300 #213
    Houston, TX 77077
BACK TO THE SPORTS. OMG basketball was fun yesterday. Reed had a jumpin' 9,000 folks in attendance to see the best basketball rivalry in Texas. Baylor is easy to hate because they're Baylor. Danuel House rocked it with moves described as "woah" and "*screams*". The first half was definitely the highlight, with big plays that showed off the Aggie talent (in basketball, I know!). A comfortable 19 point lead was the end result for the Ags, leaving Bears to drive back to Waco in extreme mild weather conditions. Be very for sure that our basketball bloggers will be analyzing this game for the next week and a half after we scrape them from the ceiling.

MORE BASKETBALL. The Women's basketball team is in OKC in the Big 12/SEC Challenge today to play the Oklahoma Sooners at 4 PM. It will be inconveniently broadcasted on FS1 but you can also listen in with the radio (channels are in the link). Don't forget that the ladies return to College Station this Tuesday to play Little Rock. BTHO ou.

Have a festive week. I'll leave you with a GBH Classic, A Very Aggie Christmas.