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Daily Bull 10.11.15: SEC Recap

No Aggie football this week, so let us take a tour around the south.

Smokey is the best SEC live mascot in the east and I want him to be friends with Reveille.
Smokey is the best SEC live mascot in the east and I want him to be friends with Reveille.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Adidas Black Ice Now Available!

We all oohed and aahed over the uniforms Aggie Football will wear on Halloween. Now you can purchase several items from Adidas' 2015 Black Ice collection at Aggieland Outfitters.

HANG ON, REAL QUICK: Before we get footballed out, Aggie Soccer is coming off a beatdown win against Alabama and playing Auburn today at 2 PM. Watch on the SEC alt channel. Thanks and Gig 'em. BTHO auburn.


Tennessee 38 - Georgia 31: Tennessee has been sad, y'all. Like saying they don't think they will win games (I don't understand this, Aggies think they can win every game.) But the happy tears were flowing last night with their win over the Bulldogs. I feel good for the Vols (mainly because their mascot is my favorite one outside of Reveille--HE HOWLS ON COMMAND, Y'ALL), they needed a good win and maybe they'll be okay this year. All the BAS sympathies to Tennessee.

Florida 21 - Missouri 3- So Florida is 6-0 now. Most sports predictions say that they will be in the SEC championship game, which sounds nice for them. They also say that a school in Texas will be the West's representative but we ignore those people by sticking 12th Man towels in our ears and yelling "AAAAA" to drown them out. Can't think like that just yet. Kinda feel bad for Mizzou. Reading the losing team blogs is either sad because they don't say much about the game, or they go on a crusade for a really positive rest of the year. The Tigers are going the happier route. Stay positive y'all! Vandy is only two weeks away!

Ole Miss 52 - New Mexico State 3: Hey the Aggies did play this week! Oh, it's the Las Cruces Aggies. Well...still... Ole Miss is still playing non-conference games in week six and that's rid--what's that? We have a non-conference game in week 11? Well...still... Ole Miss enjoyed their filler game so much, they are playing another non-SEC team next week while the Texas Aggies play Alabama. Hopefully their game in Memphis wears them out more than expected and when A&M comes to Oxford they get beat in their own stadium. Again.

Mississippi State 45 - Troy 17: Blegh, another non-conference game. Having a non-ranked, Sun Belt school come to Starkville helped out the Bulldogs' spirits since they got the hell beat out of them last week in College Station (amirite?) Really the only thing that came out of this that was noteworthy, was all the Trojan jokes and puns. RCB has been (relatively) quiet this week, so if you need a fix you can check this out.

LSU 45 - South Carolina 24: This was a good bull game, and it was because of LSU folks. (I know, they are secretly really nice people, don't spread that around too much. Hurts their cred.) Ticket sales from the game went to the displaced USC athletics program, Leonard Fournette is auctioning his jersey for the flood victims, and a number of other gestures went a long way for the Gamecocks who trekked out to Baton Rouge. The tigers we extremely hospitable, but they weren't charitable when it came to the actual game. LSU gave them a good run in the first half, but in the second, Fournette looked like a normal person. A normal person who might could be stopped by the Aggie defense? Maybe the GBH strategy of getting him too full of turkey so he falls asleep at the game won't have to be enacted. Maybe...

Alabama 27 - Arkansas 14: Angry and ferocious Saban is the best. It was an exciting game that Aggies were conflicted at the desired result. Have Arkansas beat them in a dark horse move, making beating Bama next week seem a notch more possible, or have Alabama come off a win so if we shut them down in Kyle Field it will be so much sweeter? Looks like we are going the tough way. Good. Winning the hard way is the best feeling.

Hate week has begun. BTHO alabama.