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Daily Bull 1.4.15

SEC, true to each other as long as the SEC East doesn't get a big head and knows its place by next fall.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

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Welp. I think the world is upside down because everyone thinks that the SEC East is better than the SEC West because they have officially gone 5-0 in their bowl games. (Let's not mention that two of their teams were not bowl eligible and only two of their games were against ranked teams, but that's none of my business.) They can win bowl games, but they aren't too hot at beating schools across the conference. But let's just take that as a sign that the SEC is the best conference in the country and leave it at that.

Conference play continues for Women's Basketball. The #5 team heads to Arky today to get their third straight 2-0 start in the SEC. Jointly we are looking forward to the Razorbacks to start their conference play with a 0-2 record so things balance out and all is right in the world. Look for the game at 12:30 pm on ESPNU.

Welcome to Aggieland. Twitter was all a-flutter these past few days with users looking for the surprisingly elusive new defensive coordinator John Chavis' Texas A&M twitter account. Well howdy and wait no longer, we have confirmation on the real Aggie twitter account for Coach Chavis. In the process, we got a little glimpse of his son, (who I suspect might have had a hand in creating his father's new account), and I'd say he's worth a follow if you're inclined. Click on the follow buttons below and give the Chavis family a good Aggie welcome.