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Daily Bull 1.31.15

"No, I'm not Captain Crunch. I'm a Commodore, which is a much higher rank than that of that diabetes inducing madman who was probably dishonuorably discharged from the Navy." -Mr. C, Vanderbilt Mascot, probably all the time.

Look at these guys. They look like they are having so much fun!
Look at these guys. They look like they are having so much fun!
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


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WHY ARE YOU HERE AND NOT AT BASKETBALL? Oh, you're getting ready for basketball? That's good because there's a pretty fun game today at Reed against Vanderbilt. The Commie team (that's their nickname, right?) comes to College Station with a 11-9, 1-6 SEC record, proving that much like football, Vanderbilt sports are just good enough to beat schools from other conferences but they are still sad in the SEC (sorry, Auburn). Read gigthem08's article about today's game. He's a better source of basketball news than I am due to not always referring to the game as "bouncyball" or "shooty hoops". Gamethread and preview is here. Tip off is at 3:30 PM and will be broadcasted on the SEC Network.

Speaking of the SEC Network. 12th Man Productions has put out a pretty diddly darn good article about 12th Man Productions (those narcissists). It's a nifty read and lets you know the size and quality of broadcasting A&M is bringing to the SEC.

And now for important sports that you should care about but don't. The equestrian team (the one that provides an offset for all those football scholarships) cleaned up against Delaware State yesterday with a near sweep of 13 event wins. Today is a continuation of the double header against New Mexico State where the maroon Aggies are favored to win.

Okay, you were good about me talking about not-football, so here's some cheek from Former Student and current heartthrob, Mike Evans.