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Daily Bull 1.25.15

"I've been wondering, "Are you looking at me?", thinking how it might be if you were mine...I should steal you away..." -Charlie Strong, probably.

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Whaaaaat? Basketball did good things??? No way. Yes way. Did you have any doubts that Coach Kennedy would get his first fourth conference win streak? You non-believer, 2%er. You can read gigthem08's not shocked and excited analysis over yesterday's game in Knoxville here.

Pretty sure horse theft is still a hangable offense in Texas. What about QB theft? Apparently the sips are giddy with all sorts of titillation that Kyler Murray is to be swept away in a burnt orange panel van from the grasping hands of Kevin Sumlin (even the quackers in Oregon are making half-hearted V formations to swoop in). On the heels of Mr. Murray's midweek visit to Austin, Charlie Strong is making his way to Louisville to address the tetchy subject of him going back on his promises to his former players and testify in the civil case against him. I don't know about you, but that makes me think again on taking up any of his offers. Kyler has time and time again confirmed that he will be in maroon this fall and that nothing is going to sway him otherwise. Let's not be the crazy girlfriend who keeps asking if you really do love her until you actually sign a marriage certificate. Play it cool, and when he most for certainly signs, you can rub that into the faces of that one t-sip you work with that's been dreadfully quiet since 2012 about football.

Professional Bowling. Wait, the Pro Bowl is about NFL football and not highly skilled ten-pin players on immaculate display? Well, forget that then. If for some reason you would want to watch not the greatest pastime you can have with someone else's shoes on, there's some details on roster, time and rules in this article (it's from a Cowboys blog, brace yourself). Unfortunately, former student Von Miller will not be on the same team as the suspected demi-god, JJ Watt, so we will have to hold off any television branding of any show that would consist of Von Miller purchasing everything JJ Watt peddles in commercials. [ESPN, 7 PM]

Here's some Sunday funnies from SNL because we know you can't stay up that late to watch it live.

We are all Dougie Spoons.