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Daily Bull 9.7.14

I feel like a Caleb Berry who's just been flipped by a Deshazor Everett. Use today to rest up for the week because we get to do this all again come this weekend.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar has been successfully beaten the hell out of. Last night's game had its ups and downs with most negatives being delay related. The new stadium was just something to behold with new concourses and bleachers for the first deck that you could stand on and peer into the new suites, so that the people there have to look into your eyes as someone asks if they could lower the thermostat a degree as 75 degrees is starting to feel balmy inside. Concessions were different and I heard from many students that it was "Reliant [NRG]-like" in its style. Students and other guests had a built in exploration period when kick off was delayed for weather. This influx of unoccupied visitors is why (I'm hoping) some of the places of food distribution ran out of supply. When the game did start, the momentum of the student section lasted far longer than I expected into the late 3rd quarter. Overall, Kyle Field didn't feel too different (from the east side at least), even with a new south section. Oh and football happened as well. Read Stringy's reaction here in case you missed it.

There were a couple of scary things. Tra Carson is said to have a minor injury, possibly in his foot, which cause him to sit out for this game. Devonta Burns had worrying event at the initial moment it happened during the game where he was having extreme difficulty with walking. Hopefully both of these guys are up and running next week.

Everyone was there. Lamar set a record for most student pulled tickets at 35,000, previously held by Nebraska '10 with 31,000. Oh my to what the conference games are going to be like. Total attendance was marked as 104,728,which is the highest total attendance for a college football game in Texas. (The highest football attendance record in Texas is held by the Cowboy's Stadium at ~106,000 which I think might be met for one of our conference games later in the year.)

Hey some fancy person from the New York Times talked about us. A Mr. Marc Tracy attempts to explain what a Midnight Yell is to the city folk that read his fancy newspaper. I've personally read worse articles (and some written by actual Aggies) and this one does get points for not getting anything wrong. But Tracy could have livened up the tone a bit to not make it sound like he stumbled upon a tribe of people on an island that hasn't ever had any outside contact before. I know Aggieland is a lot to take in, but surprisingly everything does make sense if someone is there to explain it to you.

Let us know how your gameday experience was!