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Daily Bull 9.6.14

It's finally here. Gameday in Aggieland. Suit up.

New Statues revealed outside of Kyle Field, pictured is the least frightening of the collection.
New Statues revealed outside of Kyle Field, pictured is the least frightening of the collection.
Julie Anna Clark

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Gameday essentials:

  • Travel: You need to know how to arrive to and exit campus BEFORE you get to C-Stat. Download the handy dandy Destination Aggieland app from the university that has full maps of the exit plans in place. Available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Let us know how it works for you after the game.
  • Tailgating: If you don't already have a stakeout as of noon yesterday, chances of you nabbing a primo spot near Kyle Field are narrow. How ever there are many tailgates that are more than welcome to host you if you ask nicely. Plan to wear your coat and tie if you want to meander over to the fancy tailgates in Cain Park. Whatever your plans, please follow the guidelines put out by the university so that you can continue to add to the ambiance of the gameday experience in your own legal special way.
  • Parking: Parking is available on campus and will vary on what time you will be coming into College Station. Best bet is that you will be parking near the Bush School in a dirt lot if you wish to park on campus without a parking pass. Bring cash for these lots as they tend to run ~$20 a vehicle. Buses will be making routes out there and dropping off near West Campus Garage. Other options include parking at the Post Oak Mall with buses running there and back two hours before and an hour after the game.
  • Walking around campus: There are new improved walk ways that go in between West Campus Garage and the Rec and visitors will be directed to use these instead of walking in front of the garage to allow for cars to empty in a quicker fashion. Expect heavy foot traffic along Houston Street. People will be gandering at the new Kyle Field, so be mindful of this.
  • Free Stuff: There's still a ton of set ups at the Zone so never you mind that. Collect all the free fans you can because I guarantee you are going to be hot at this game.
  • Learn which entry you will be needing to go in for your section.

  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Take water into the game with you. Kyle Field typically only allows one liter of water in a clear plastic container. Take care of your skin as well. Yes, this is a night game, but you should remember the four hours of pre-game you'll be doing. Bring hats and sunscreen with you as you make like a bandit with all the free Ag-Swag from the Zone.
  • Stay safe! This will be a game where many people are coming into College Station, so whether or not you live here or are visiting, stay smart about your choices this weekend so that you can make it back for the rest of the season.

Now that the responsibility talks are over. Let's talk about the changes at Kyle. There was this event that wasn't the most well communicated to the student body, where the statues of Kyle Field were revealed. Some, like the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band and Corps of Cadets statues, were very nice, some were...a bit too intense? If you like the all the new statues or not, the thought was nice and most of them will be neat to see how they effect the Kyle Field Experience in years to come.

Howdy Miss Rev, ma'am. If you find yourself in the Zone looking at blank Reveille graves, worry not. Reveilles I-VII have been moved to the edge of Cain Park along Joe Routt. They were quietly moved this summer with E-2 cadets on hand for the process. They will be moved back sometime next year after construction around the Zone is completed. As for keeping up with the games, I personally hope that there is an E-2 fish standing near, calling a play-by-play so that the ladies can keep up with the team.

Driving to College Station or wishing you were? Download the latest Around Aggieland Podcast (iTunes link) and listen to Derek and Hunter talk mostly about football and today's game.

Killing time until this well contested game in Aggieland? Here is a complete list of every CFB game this weekend along with channels. A&M vs Lamar will be on the SEC Network at 6:30pm, but on the alternative channel. It should be close to your channel number for the SEC Network, but will vary by provider.

Midnight Masses. If you hadn't heard, Midnight Yell was huge last night. It was estimated to have over 55,000 participants, creating a packed house on all three decks of the student side. And it was LOUD. The canopy above third deck did do its job. I'm looking forward to hearing how all of that sounds at tonight's game and hope we don't terrify Lamar too much with our new amplification.

Have a great game day! BTHO lamar!