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Daily Bull 9.27.14

"If you're scared, then this ain't the place for you." -Coach Kevin Sumlin

Scott Halleran

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Have you smoked all the ham this week? There's been quite a bit of hype that is trying to favor the Arkansas team but we know better. Catch up on everything we've written for you here. There's a gambling guide, a podcast, stats stimulation and your ALL CAPS PREVIEW. Watch this week's The Pulse so you can get motivated to watch the game. The game will be broadcast at 2:30pm on CBS with Uncle Verne. Stay tuned to GBH for the Media Blitz and the Gameday Thread.

Last Minute Minders. If you are in Jerryworld today, remember you're in an NFL stadium that follows the NFL Bag rules that makes you leave your stylish handbags and fanny packs at home. It might be worth it to yell your support from your house so you can keep your fanny pack on.

Go Go Gadget Swaggercopter. Last night Mr. Kevin Damn Sumlin made a trip up to Rockwall to make a visit at the Mesquite Poteet vs. Rockwall-Heath football game in a HELICOPTER. This is similar to deploying the overly extravagant cliches when proposing to your significant other so they can't say no, except this isn't cliche because it's a helicopter and Kevin Sumlin is boss. Hopefully not only was the intended recipient of this radical entrance, Malik Jefferson (Poteet, Sr, 5* LB), wowed by Texas A&M's expression of desire, but other players will see this and continue to want to commit to Coach Sumlin. Go tell all your non-Aggie friends that your school is way cooler than theirs because it's absolutely true.

BTHO arkansas!