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Daily Bull 9.21.14

"Can we fix this having no games on TV between January and August and then having 6 good ones on at the same time in September?" -@GBHunting

"Well, you don't look like a bodyguard." "What'd you expect?" "Well, I don't know, maybe a tough guy?" "This is my disguise."
"Well, you don't look like a bodyguard." "What'd you expect?" "Well, I don't know, maybe a tough guy?" "This is my disguise."
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

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So everyone watched the Reveille save. Rumors have it this took place during an Aggie Football game. Not sure because all I got out of it was Mascot Corporal Ryan Kreider taking the best hit of the game before Jay Arnold made good on his promise to bloggers to do the JamBoogie for a sack celebration. If you're looking for actual football coverage, read Stringsays' reaction here and stay tuned to GBH for further analysis later today.

Holy cow SEC football yesterday. The Aggie's game might have been a bit lackluster, but wowzers were there some games that you swear that was meddled with magic. Read the recap from the SBNation CFB site for the LSU/MSU game here. That game is worth a look if you missed it, Les Miles nearly pulled that madman of a stunt to get a win over Mississippi State. It was the most invested and excited that I've ever felt for a non-Aggie game on TV.

Aggie Volleyball. The Ags couldn't break through during yesterday's game against the Seminoles with FSU winning both days at Reed Arena. But let's face it, that wasn't the only FSU game you wanted them to lose. Alas. The team will be hosting Texas A&M-Corpus Christi on Monday at 6:30 on the SEC Network+. SEC Conference play will start next Sunday with Auburn in College Station at 1 pm on the SEC Network.

I bet you like Aggie sports, moving pictures and epic soundtracks. Which is why you should go see "SEC Ready" that TexAgs has been twiddling with all year. It will be premiering on October 10th in Rudder Auditorium at 8pm. GA tickets will be $10 with free admittance with a valid Texas A&M student ID. Tickets are available now and a media package including far too many varying types of formats of the film will be available for sale on October 6th.