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Daily Bull 9.20.14

"Gonna hang my sombrero on the limb of a tree. Coming home, sweetheart darling. Just my rifle, pony and me." -Dean Martin, Rio Bravo

The Corps will be on the first Corps trip of the season to Dallas.
The Corps will be on the first Corps trip of the season to Dallas.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Today marks the first of two games where the football team is forced to play in Dallas. If you live in the DFW area, you best not squander this gift of TWO Aggie Football games. You might not think that Aggie fans are not needed at today's game, but there's going to be a strong emittance of sadness coming from those Pony fans and that can get anyone down. My prediction was that the Aggies get 77 points today and if that doesn't happen, I'm blaming y'all.

If you don't plan to watch the desolation of SMU in person, see the complete media coverage information here. Kick off is at 2:30 pm and you can catch it over on ABC, if you live in SEC Country and you'll have to trek further along the channel catalogue to ESPN2 if you're outside the footprint. Check here to see if you're unsure.

What should you watch before and after the dog and pony show? Take a look to see what your favorite bloggers are consuming with their eyes and mouths. Some of those games will be like a nice trip on a hot walker to cool down from all the hot sports takes that you'll be seeing from our third string and possibly Sumlin will be taking the 12th Man up on their offer and let some of the larger students play.

Speedy is still out. Looks like he might be out for a bit still to heal up from his injury from the Rice game. Really if he needs a rest up, this game isn't worth straining an injury.  Hopefully we see him on the field in the next coming weeks cause he's a player that makes college football the exciting bubble of greatness it is.

If you want to preserve your football eyes for Aggie football only. You can watch the Aggie Volleyball team on SEC Network+ as they play #6 Florida in Reed Arena. Last night they had a hard time with the Seminoles (who are undefeated) and I'd like to see an upset where we ruin Florida's vacation to College Station. Game starts at 11:00 am.

Have a great gameday! Enjoy all the college football!

BTHO smu!