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Daily Bull 9.14.14

Hey y'all. Football yesterday, huh? Yep.

Bob Levey

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I feel empty about winning football and I'm not sure why. Stringsays has a bit of the same issue, but talks it out in last night's post game thoughts. The good Doctor Norris Camacho will run the numbers with you this morning too! If you like moving pictures you can check out the presser videos here as well. Personally, that was one of the most unfulfilling games I have ever been to. Usually, I try to look past blemishes using my maroon tinted glasses, but there were far too many. Offensive troubles, defensive troubles, along with all the renovation troubles. *coughcannoncough* I'll open up the comments to any venting y'all need. Complain and get it out this week so that we're ready to get our heads back on right for the next three road games.

Now for something completely different. Well, not really, it's still sports. The 12th ranked Women's Soccer team (5-1-1) is playing tonight against Marquette. I't'll be on the SEC Network at 7 pm, but come out if you can as well. Soccer games are a real nice way to give your wallet a break if you are trying to take all of your Aglets to some Aggie sports.

What, more ladies? You betcha. The volleyball team traveled out to California last week and on Friday, unsaddled #13 San Diego in three sets just after defeating USC (the Californian one) on Thursday. The women return to College Station for a two game run with #7 Florida State on Friday at 6 pm and Saturday at 11 am. The Aggies are currently 7-1 and have been knocking down ranked teams left and right this season so give them a watch either in Reed or on the SEC Network.