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Daily Bull 9.13.14


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Oh hello, Kyle Field. We meet again. This week has seemed like the longest and I can only hope that the break until October 11th will be kind. So while you are enjoying Aggieland, keep to the rules and regs discussed last week. Most updated tips are mainly about entry into Kyle Field.

  • If you are using Flash Seats, expect some form of delay (from the attendee side). Many of our older and wiser Ags are using Flash Seats for the first time and some gates had a back up due to those folks. Overall the actual process is pretty quick and would be totally cool if you didn't only receive the sad thin paper tickets.
  • For students and folks sitting in the new south Zone, you probably experienced the Great Southeast Congestion of 2014. I'm not sure exactly why there was a hold up that bled over into Spence Park, but I hope that they have fixed what ever issue occurred there. Also, they have changed the weird policy that was in effect at the Lamar game when they were not letting people in using different entrances (along with the weather delay re-entry policy). If you are in the east stands, you can use the Northwest tower and if you are in the south Zone, you can use the Southwest tower. Things you can do to alleviate any delay that are the usual: come inside Kyle earlier, have your tickets/IDs ready and don't bring bags.
  • Do not bring anything other than clear plastic bottles inside. This year, the company hired to do these inspections are outsiders and do not bend to any Aggie leniency that you might have experienced in the past.
  • Weather is looking to be wet in the morning, but will clear up for tailgating and the game with amazing temperatures for September. Even with rain in the very early hours, don't expect entry officials to let you bring umbrellas inside Kyle even though it would be super obvious if you started using one. Leave them in your car or at a tailgate and you can invest in everyone's favorite fashion item: the plastic Poncho.
  • At 5:45 pm, Spirit Walk will start from the Association of Former Students building, then head north along Houston Street with the Kids' Yell Practice being shortly before they step off.
  • Step off from the Quad with the Corps and the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band will be at 6:30ish. (Although I thoroughly love seeing the band and the rest of the Corps, before this happens is a good time to get your butt into Kyle Field if you are going in using the southeast tower.)

So Midnight Yell was cancelled last night. Damn New Army and their weather delays. How do we get pumped to beat the ever livin', ever lovin', compound, complex, Fightin' Texas Aggie hell out of those Rice Owls? Luckily in this day and age, we have multiple options.

  • If you didn't catch it this past Wednesday, this week's the Pulse is a way to get the blood flowing. You can pretend that Coach Sumlin is talking to you and how everything you do put on tape is a part of your resume. And by tape, I mean Vine and by resume, I mean your twitter timeline.
  • You can also take listen to Hunter and Derek on this week's preview game Around Aggieland Podcast.
  • Make your bold score predictions with SpreadsheetAg, where you can win grand prizes such as adoration and pride on being mentioned in next week's prediction article. He even gives you information to let you have an educated guess to give you an edge on those people who aren't keeping up with the genius that is SpreadsheetAg.
  • Keep up with your degenerate gambling habit with Doug and see how the spreads are this week.
  • Read Stringsays' ALL CAPS PREVIEW for this game out loud to your family. It's best performed to a captive audience, such as the car ride to College Station, with Metallica blaring on the speakers
  • And who can ever leave out THE TAILGATE from your weekly reading? Just make sure that you check THE TAILGATE for any hilarious Rice jokes your dad might pass off as his own.

If you aren't making your way back to the homeland today, you can catch the Ags on ESPN2 with kick-off at 8:00 pm. See what GBH authors are watching this weekend here where you can be concerned about their cholesterol levels by their consumption choices. Complete weekend College Football schedule with times and channels here.

If you have any gameday logistics questions, consult the Texas A&M Gameday page or you can tweet me at @JAClark_13 and I can help you out.

Have a great gameday and BTHO rice!