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Daily Bull 8.9.14

It's Tabuyo many days until the first game of the 2014 season.

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Bob Levey

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We have too many great quarterbacks to choose from. Whether Sumlin chooses between Kenny Hill or Kyle Allen, the Ags should be grateful that our problem is too much talent. It's very exciting to have a legacy of great QBs at A&M continue after Johnny has left. Sumlin and Spavital seem to be having a difficult time separating the talent levels of Hill and Allen and will be keeping the position announcement closer to the first game. At any rate, we can expect a different offense from the last two years with either of these players at the helm.

USA Today ranks Aggies as no. 33, but no. 1 in their hearts (probably). A pretty thorough evaluation from a real newspaper puts Texas A&M at their 33 spot, and declared the Aggies four losses to Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Mizzu a four-way tie of sadness. You're telling me. If you'd like to see our depth chart for this year click on over to SpreadsheetAg's analysis.

Oh sports politics. You're only this much better than regular politics. Rule changes in the NCAA now allow student athlete voting in NCAA decisions.It's nice to see that the people who are effected most by these rules will have some say in what will happen with their future. No idea how influential these votes are going to be, but at least we will have some comfort giving some control to the players themselves.

Even Kyle Field has technical difficulties. Yesterday officials fired up the gigantor scoreboard that now gives us the ablitiy to watch the game from West Campus. They had a bit of touch and go for a while, but I assume that they will get it fixed for the Pong tourney later this evening and film study on Sunday where players will repel down the screen for life size reenactments of this weeks practices.

Behind the scenes. vineyarddog from the Georgia site Dawg Sports got to visit the SEC Network Studios this past week, and here is the third and final installment of his series about it. This one includes an interview with network execs and on-air personalities along with more studio pics. Great stuff.