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Daily Bull 8.31.14

This Sunday Daily Bull is brought to you by overindulgence.

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So you've watched so much football that you over did it. Most of y'all might have pulled your TV watching muscles this weekend, but if you're still feeling good, there's still a bit left over. You can see Utah State head over to Tennessee on the SEC Network at 6 and if you want to keep up with one of the most entertaining fanbases, Baylor is playing in their new stadium next to the beautiful waters of the Brazos River at 6:30pm on Fox Sports 1.

Not sure if the media is able to handle Texas A&M. They keep going back and forth whether or not the Aggies are the best team or the most overrated. Mark May had some nice things to say about us yesterday, putting A&M as the number 2 seed in the CFB Playoff. But he also said that we should have stayed in the Big 12, so I'll just continue to take everything ESPN says with a pound of salt and listen to the completely unbiased opinion of GBH.

Pretty sure they scheduled football for this weekend so you could recover tomorrow. For those lucky enough to have tomorrow off for Labor Day, you can finalize your plans for this week's opening game in College Station with some creative tailgating ideas. I, myself, will be trying to be crafty and will force everyone at the GBH tailgate to eat my creations whether or not they turn out well.

There's so much to look forward to this week: Around Aggieland Podcasts, the Lamar TAILGATE, and articles to sort through as you kill time before Saturday.