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Daily Bull 8.30.14

Whoop! Make the most of your last Saturday unoccupied by Aggie Football by watching other schools play football.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

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Seeing as there's no Aggie Football today, why don't you take a gander around the country and see how the rest of our schedule is holding up.

What's playing today? Football, that's what. (All times in Central)

Around the SEC:

  • Tennessee-Martin @ Kentucky [11:00a SEC Network]
  • West Virginia vs. #2 Alabama [2:30p ABC]
  • South Dakota State @ #24 Missouri [2:30p ESPNU]
  • Arkansas @ #6 Auburn [3:00p SEC Network]
  • #16 Clemson @ #12 Georgia [4:30p ESPN]
  • Idaho @ Florida [6:00p ESPNU]
  • Southern Miss @ Mississippi State [6:30p SEC Network]
  • #14 Wisconsin vs. #13 LSU [8:00p ESPN]
Find the complete list and schedule for all games this weekend here.

In other sports that you cared about before football season. The Aggie Women's Soccer team won last night at Ellis against the UFC Knights 3-0. GBH author jzimmermann11 was on hand to explain that all the rules we learned this summer during the World Cup are different from NCAA soccer, but hey the students in the Maroon Militia do know how to have a great time. I've been asked to bring confetti to the Lamar tailgate to throw when we score in the fashion of the student section at Ellis, but I've declined since it would kill too many trees and cause such a mess with Kenny Hill at the helm.

Call to arms. If anyone has the time or the desire to watch the South Carolina game again and count all the times they mention Johnny, that would be kind (it's for science). Or if you just really want to watch it again for your own reasons, you can do so here. Person who gets the right answer gets cookies I'll bring to the Lamar tailgate. In the meantime, vote the over/under in the poll below.