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Daily Bull 8.3.14

The Daily Bull doesn't take a day off anymore. That was last season, Coach. We're here with you everyday to make you click links to other places and take polls. It's all building up to when I will be writing these at midnight in Spence Park after tailgating all day. It's gonna be great, y'all.

I don't know who these cool cats are, but I bet Fletcher has a problem with their clothes.
I don't know who these cool cats are, but I bet Fletcher has a problem with their clothes.
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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Whoop for defense hopes. Reports coming out of practice is that our defense, that has been a group for concern, is actually coming together well. Having such a young defense that had a bad previous season are major negatives, but could be a great motivator for our returning players like Howard Matthews and Jordan Mastrogiovanni. Coach Snyder is feeling confident and we should look forward to this years team.

Sunday is a day of rest for the football team. But you always know you can keep up your Aggie football news consumption on Sundays with film study. According to Sabian Holmes you need to "Watch film. Mentally prepare. Can never prepare too much." Which coincidently is the mantra for GBH when we binge on replays, so catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 of practice tweets, videos and interviews.

Speaking of being prepared. Have you set up your plans for coming to Aggieland on gameday? Parking has changed, also exit patterns for College Station have been altered for this coming year. Check out the new Gameday Site where they have posted the changes to policy in parking, exiting, tailgating and more. There will also be an app for your smartphone as well that is to be released in a couple of weeks. Use these resources now, not the day before the first game. This leaves you more time to read the Weekend Daily Bull while you're relaxing at your tailgate instead of stressing about where to leave your car.

Have a great Sunday!