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Daily Bull 8.24.14

If you work it out right, you could get though now and Thursday afternoon without acting like you're in withdrawal and someone has promised you your favorite drug from multiple camera angles. Hang in there.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

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When one Aggie scores all Aggies score. What happens when three Ags score in three different cities?Pandemonium at my house. Travis LabhartMike Evans and Johnny Manziel racked up some points for their respective teams and all three games ending with a win for our former players. Great job, and thanks for keeping the NFL interesting, kids.

It's all too real now. Some cool arial shots of the stadium from this week. It makes it all seem so much more tangiable that there's a half of a new stadium where we are going to play football in just a couple of weeks. I wonder if riding the escalators will become a "New Army" tradition that Ol' Ags will scoff at as they glide past the ramps whilst using the escalators themselves.

So you've made it to Columbia, now what? If you are planning on making the journey to the Palmetto State make sure you hit up the Aggie Events being held there. There's a yell practice on the Statehouse steps, some wicked Aggie tailgating and so much food. Bring some recipes back to College Station for the Lamar game, as I fear that the culture of Beaumont isn't as distinctive as South Carolina's.

GBH is the special teams of Aggie sports reporting. Because of this we praise our kickers and punters so much and subsequently, get their names and faces wrong when trying too hard to be funny on the internet. So in condolences of these misdeeds, today's poll is dedicated to them.