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Daily Bull 8.23.14

It's the last Saturday without college football. Tell your family that you love them and that you will see them in January.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

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Basketball? It's still a sport even with kickoff so near. But there's some important news, Tyler Davis is set to join the Aggies and Coach Kennedy. With some serious stats that impress folks that have no clue what half of those numbers measures, Davis is sure to be a great asset for the Ags and hopefully will comfort our basketball writers as the season progresses.

SEC Sports were on yesterday, did you watch? The Aggie Women killed it up last night in soccer against the Dayton Flyers and got College Station ready and primed for 2014-2015 SEC athletics. With a 4-3 victory, the team can give you the excitement that you once held for World Cup games, but now you can apply your full force of Aggieness at it. Now with atrophy of your soccer knowledge that you spent so much time learning and applying this summer, why don't you continue that momentum and support our girls at Ellis Field this season with your monies and most importantly, your presence.

The Eagle is trying their hand at internet shennanigans. You should put in a request to have this commercial play during Finebaum's show. Maroon Swaggcoptor? It's no Maroon Turf exploitation, but they get points for production value (mainly having made an actual production). With all that silliness, you mostly come out of that video planning a trip to Hobby Lobby today with a model and maroon paint. Maybe just ask for an actual drone instead.