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Daily Bull 8.2.14

Hold on to your visors. You only have a few more Saturdays without college football.

Julie Anna Clark

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Whoop! Football things are being done. Practice started yesterday and we have been so excited with new players and new locker rooms and new polls. Go on get pumped because we are getting in the last leg of this off-season. Check out the pictures of the new locker rooms, they look even better when you see them on a Saturday. If you're feeling antsy about the days between now and kick off, print off an Agvent Calendar to post up in your workplace to remind everyone that you're an Aggie just in case if they forgot from you fawning over indoor waterfals yesterday.

So what happened yesterday? I think something important started. It was the first day of practice with the whole team and I bet some really awesome speeches were made by the coaches, at least they occurred in my head as I watched those locker room videos. But mainly everyone wants to know the QB situation with the 2014 Aggie team. Sumlin says, "Hahaha, find out August 28th." He likes to keep things under wraps, and I'm going to be the only one who will be satisfied if it's kept quiet until near the week of the first game. It's like Christmas! It's fun to be surprised! Let's all just be happy that the problem with the quarterback is that we have too many great ones. If anyone complains, you are just too New Army.

Do you have the SEC Network? 'Cause I need some place to watch away games. I can bring snacks and a snarky sense of humor, but only during the commercials. If you don't have the SEC Network, get on it. Check here to see if your provider has declared that they will have it and make a move soon so that you can be the coolest person in your neighborhood. (Suddenlink has reached an agreement, more details to come)

#PunterfortheUniversityinCollegeStationTexasfortheTrophythatisGiventotheBestFootballPlayeroftheYear. Copyrights and NCAA rules make selling T-shirts difficult. So if any of y'all have some killer ideas on how to support Drew Kaser on his journey to NYC in the most generic way possible, give it a try in the comments. If it's super duper cool awesome, I can promise you a GBH Koozie that will take 5 to 8 years to ship and by then Koozies will have probably become completely obsolete, so you can just have people appreciate your work here in the payment of rec's.

Have a swell Saturday!