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Daily Bull 8.17.14

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, grass is being mowed and the SEC Network is on so you don't have to deal with all those distractions. Football is near!

Thomas B. Shea

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Oh my god! They picked Kenny! Those coaches! Huzzah for yesterday's news. Glad to hear that Coach Sumlin and Spavital have made their decision regarding who will be starting this year as quarterback and have selected sophomore Kenny Hill. If anyone was hard core rooting for Kyle Allen to take the top spot, I wouldn't count Kyle out. The competition was very close, so when he is called up for games, we can count on a strong performance from Allen.

We're so proud of you, honey. Former Aggie player, Travis Labhart had a great game last night with the Houston Texans catching a beautiful pass from Case Keenum. The kids are growing up and it's tough to see them go, but it makes it so much better to see them doing well in the next stage. No doubt great NFL performances will help the stellar recruiting Coach Sumlin has been racking up.

In my day we didn't need fancy apps to get to a football game. But maybe now you do. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute has put out a new app for your phone to get you in and out and around College Station on game day. It is available the Play Store for Android and the App Store for Apple. So far it's a nifty application and I'll be testing it out for the Lamar game to see how it fares to actual use. Be careful not to open it in places when you need to be quiet, it might prove to be an awkward experience when your phone wildcats while you are in the bathroom checking game day schedules.

Meet the Aggies was fun. We sent our fearless leader cuppycup and Ken the Yell Leader to the Meet the Aggies event. He stayed completely professional and limited cuppy's exposure to the team with a firm, stiff arm.