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Daily Bull 8.16.14

“By the time we left, coach Paul Bryant had left an indelible mark on our lives… out of the yellow dust and the broiling heat of Junction, he found a team of champions.” -Gene Stallings

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You can't have him, Alabama! Gene Stallings was ours first!
You can't have him, Alabama! Gene Stallings was ours first!
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback Surplus. So we still have two fantastic QBs champing on the bit to be the Aggie starter. Spavital and Sumlin could announce a starter as early as today or later on this week. Stay tuned as GBH gets upset that the perfect Drew Kaser is once again shunted from his rightful position as a flawless passer.

We need to BTHO south carolina because I need new furniture. Ashley Furniture in College Station has declared that if customers purchase any items from today to August 27th, and the Aggies win by 10 points or more, the store will refund the full cost of your purchase. Seems like that means that Ashley will fare better if we don't win by enough points--can't decide if this is good bull or bad bull. But I do know that I want a picture of Coach Sumlin buying a bed set with a video of him getting his money back directly from the store owner. Money phone is optional.

Fall Camp ended yesterday so let's talk about fall camp from 60 years ago. The Junction Boys were honored yesterday with a Texas Historical Marker in Junction, Texas. If you are unfamiliar with the story of the Junction Boys, for shame and get a move on. There's books and movies on the gruelling summer in 1954 when Coach Paul Bryant whisked away his football team to the middle of nowhere while the middle of nowhere was in a severe drought. Reading about these guys then going to see the new athletic facilities will either make you glad for what we have now or make you petition to Sumlin that we need to toughen these guys up and take away something fancy--like Four-Square in the locker rooms.