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Daily Bull 8.10.14

“It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” -Paul Bryant

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Johnny did Johnny things. I'm sure all of you watched one of your first Cleveland Brown games last night, The media reacted in their usual fashion. Haters hated and praisers begged for Johnny to be put in long before he was. It was nice to see Manziel keep a touch of his zippy self coming out of the pocket and rushing past the less than suspecting Detroit defense. He also handled his post-game interview like a boss and pretty much said what was being screamed in our live feed. He's a live player and needs to be put on the field to see exactly what he can do. Looking forward to seeing him put with the first string receivers so that Cleveland can feel the Johnny magic properly.

First scrimmage is in the books. Seems like everyone is picking up on areas that need to be worked on before August 28. Sumlin is still saying that Kenny Hill and Kyle Allen are dead even for quarterback, but I see you taunting us, Coach.This man's sly smiles show more than he's saying. Cheeky is one of my favorite moods to find him in, it can just mean so much with this man. However, not everything is running completely smooth at the moment. It was tough to hear that DeVante Harris will be out with a UTI for a while. I'll send over some cranberry AZO so he's back and in the flow of things soon.

Gingers everywhere rejoice in the shattering of the glass ceiling holding them down. Then they go back inside because that glass ceiling was doing nothing to block the UV rays and now the sunshine has only gotten worse. Standing at the forefront is our own starting holder, Connor McQueen. He is holding aloft a torch for his people to rally together. But really, go check out this kid. He shows some great promise as a Aggie football representative and as a player.

Have a splendid Sunday!