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Daily Bull 7.6.14

Weekend Edition of the Daily Bull: It's like how there's a Sunday paper that's thicker and more in-depth than the regular paper, except that this is almost exactly the same as the weekday edition.

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RECRUITS RECRUITING RECRUITS. Boy is it nice to see these kids getting into Aggie Spirit. While at the Elite 11 this weekend, QB Kyler Murray is looking to add fellow Five-Stars to the Aggie roster. "I just feel like the SEC is the main conference now," Kyler Murray said. "Nothing against the Big 12 but Oklahoma and Texas, those aren't the top teams anymore.

MOAR RECRUITS. New Orleans LB Arthur McGinnis is coming to see the Aggies and Coach Sumlin this summer. With A&M as one of his top schools, the only problem is that we might not have room for all these great players. But what a problem to have. This all feels like a 90's coming of age movie and we're the nerdy kid who after proving himself, is now the most popular guy at school. I, for one, am going to ride this high to get through this offseason.

Pass it back, Ags. This past Thursday, Thomas Bratcher '17 of Spring, Texas was killed in a collision. Thomas was a member of the Corps of Cadets in Gator-2 and a part of the Corps Basketball team. His funeral is to be held this Wednesday in Spring, but many of his buddies are out of state and are having difficulty gaining transport. A fund has been set up to get his buddies to Houston and any extra funds will be donated to the March of Dimes. Please help this part of our Aggie family as they go through this trying time.

Meanwhile, we hope your Fourth of July was great and that you are able to get back to avoiding work by reading posts here come Monday.