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Daily Bull 7.27.14

Good Bull Hunting: We only post serious articles. Every word can be taken at complete face value.

Recently released plans from A&M AD's office, or a photoshop, who can tell?
Recently released plans from A&M AD's office, or a photoshop, who can tell?

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We duped the internets. We're sorry for all the people who thought that a maroon Astroturf field was being installed at Kyle Field. But not too much because it was hilarious how wide this got. So much that Sports Illustrated put out a disclaimer for us. This should completely validate us now. Credentials, please.

Why are we low in an online poll? Get your head in the game, Ags! Clearly the internet is our domain. Whether or not some of us get fooled by pictures, we're spectacular at winning online voting contests. So, get on over to ESPN (voting ends tomorrow) and rank A&M high and the others low. If you can get the Aggies high enough, we'll make you a pretty new tailgate for the re-broadcast. Last night's incident wasn't the first time our rcb05 has pulled the wool over the eyes of his trusting audience. The Chick-fil-a Uniform Fiasco of 2013 caused enough stirring that I believe if y'all get the bowl game up to the first slot, rcb05 will be required to actually make these uniforms to auction off for money to buy more Chick-fil-a for the GBH writer's lounge. It's a vicious, delicious cycle.

In non-photoshop news: The Women's Bouncyball team has released their non-conference schedule today. The women will be facing some legitimate teams like DePaul, Duke, Prairie View A&M, McNeese State, and Northwestern State. Catch some road games with TCU and SMU then come back to Aggieland to see them play the Cougars. Some Christmas-y goodness at the SEC-Big 12 Challenge with t.u., with Washington and UNT before conference play starts again. A great warm up for the women and should keep your weekdays filled with more Aggie sports. It's been so long, I think I might have forgotten what sports season is like.

If you wanted an Aggie Ring, maybe you should have gone to A&M. There's a lawyer getting upset and lawyering on everyone about how he thinks he deserves an A&M diploma and most annoyingly, an Aggie Ring. As real Aggies with law degrees have eloquently put, it seems that just because your school got bought up by another university, it doesn't retroactively get you one of the most prized possessions any Aggie will obtain in their life especially since rings are not given to students. They might have also had some legitimate concerns about name recognition for job application reasons, but let's focus more on the ridiculous things they are asking for in your favorite format: A POLL.