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Daily Bull 7.26.14

It's been a hard week. Go relax this weekend. Pants are optional as usual.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

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Aggie shenanigans have been happening all week, and it's not Johnny? Oh the media can't let that happen. Johnny says that he's making rookie mistakes this summer, but it seems like he's just having a good time. Did the Browns really expect that giving him millions of dollars was going to fix any of his urges to be Johnny? If the football governing bodies want a perfect Johnny, they are going to have to get someone else's mom to tell him "No, going to Vegas is probably a bad idea if you wanted to improve your image." #NoNewFriends

Who's excited about the sliver lining to the dark cloud that was this week? DE James Lockhart of Ennis joins the AggiesHe's the top defensive player in Texas and everyone wanted him, but he wanted us. Everyone needs to enjoy being the popular kids while this lasts with High Commander Sumlin. We really needed this, y'all. With accusations and all sorts of off-season, off-field nonsense some players have gotten into, it's nice to see that Sumlin and his crew are still getting these top notch boys to come and play for us. I'm anticipating having a good year, but hot damn can you imagine what 2015-2018 are going to be like? Blessed be the day Kevin Sumlin came back to Aggieland and curse the day he has to leave.

Coach Sumlin takes on questions again, but from friendlier crowds. Getting head Aggies in front of an inquiring audience of Former Students is daunting, but from my experience, they open up and like to hear from the people who support them. Coach has been making his rounds about Texas, speaking the Aggie clubs, and he didn't leave his sass in Hoover, albeit there were a lot fewer death glares when Ags asked some of those hot button questions. I'll leave you with my favorite tweet from our own Spadilly's live coverage of Coach Sumlin's talk at the Houston Aggie Club last night.