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Daily Bull 7.19.14

Are you smarter than a blogger? Probably yes.

This young man is not Josh Lambo.
This young man is not Josh Lambo.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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Did you see what the SEC let us do??? DerekAggie06 and Hypno-Toad03 have returned to Texas, and all of their articles from SEC Media Days are available for your weekend reading. Seriously, these guys were writing stories left and right, so you probably missed a few good ones. Check out the SEC Media Days stream here and make sure you follow these guys on Twitter for their exclusive Vinebaums.

SEC urges student athletes to stay in school. The SEC is asking the NFL to help with keeping student athletes at their universities instead of misleading empty promises that await them if they decide to jump ship and move on to the NFL before they are ready. Not every player is Johnny or Mike, and they shouldn't drop college for the narrow chance that they may be drafted. We'd love to see all our players drafted, but it's not going to happen for everyone. This will help keep players in school with better chances to graduate, oh and maybe continue to play football and bring in revenue for the university, but I'm sure it's mainly for their individual benefit.

Are you smarter than a GBH Blogger? Time magazine put out an interactive article where you can let a computer judge your grammar words on your twittin' place and how you parcel them together. I have done a quick run through of our authors and we come out as eleven 6th graders (including the main account), eleven 5th graders and one 4th grader. We are above the average 3rd to 4th grade level, so you can come to us if you need to use the big kid scissors. Run your twitter handle through and see how you fair. We're looking for some adult supervision.

Author Grade Level
GBHunting 6th
DrNorrisCamacho 6th
OrionHJarvis 6th
Jimmy Gards 6th
jac2013 6th
Ranger222 6th
DerekAggie06 6th
fletcher.massie 6th
Hypno-Toad 6th
TelcoAg 6th
oscarwildecat 6th
cuppycup 5th
thacktor 5th
rcb05 5th
gigthem08 5th
blumby 5th
SpreadsheetAg 5th
doug.keegan 5th
JDMyatt 5th
Lucas Jackson 5th
jzimmermann11 5th
stringsays 5th
spadilly 4th