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Daily Bull 12.7.14

"So the multitude goes -- like the flower or the weed. That withers away to let others succeed; So the multitude comes -- even those we behold, To repeat every tale that has often been told." -- Excerpt from "Mortality" by William Knox

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

It's an interesting time of year as the leaves wither and the megalith football stadiums stand empty. College sports bloggers everywhere start to scramble as the fire hose of football news slows to a trickle. They struggle to remember what the off-season feels like and what it took to get through it the last time. They through the cyclical denial that the regular season is truly over and all that is left is bowl speculation and guessing which undeserving team will go to the playoff. There's a migration to the temporarily forgotten coliseums and arenas, that in the recent months had only seen convocations and summer graduations that go on far longer than you estimated they would. And behold, to save us all: Basketball. The sport where the star player is unlikely to be photographed in unscrupulous positions in public. The sport that will not be folly to weakly rooted turf. The sport that will play in moldy tropical gymnasiums named for a baseball player and not care because being asbestos free is not a requirement to play the game. Because this is Basketball and this is Ameri--Wait. What am I supposed to be doing? Not getting carried away on a pointless monologue that sounded way better as I typed it than when you read it just now? Oh, yeah. Men's Basketball won yesterday, and you can read about it in the recap here! Yay! Basketball.

If we win against TCU in basketball, what does that make our team in the Big XII football rankings? Pretty sure we could get our ladies up there near the top. Watch the Ags invade the Metroplex at 1 pm on Fox Sports Net with Horned Frog on the menu. But since that is the official state amphibian, I think that might be illegal, so they'll just be playing basketball instead.

If you enjoy emotions got a story for you to read. Mike Slive, of whom I have a soft spot for that directly stems from him not being Dan Beebe, is retiring at the end of this sports season due to medical. He oversaw his last SEC Championship game yesterday and the folks at the Southeastern Conference media center came up with some touching words here for the man. Mr. Silve, for welcoming us into the SEC, Thanks and Gig 'Em.