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Daily Bull 12.6.14

"We'll be back and expecting more..." -Coach G

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball today! The gentlemen Aggies continue non-conference play with a tip off against Arizona State. The game will air on SEC Network+ at 1pm. Let's hope that there's many student procrastinators with a great taste in spectator activities that will see Reed Arena as a great place to avoid opening their books for the first time as finals approach.

Eat your Wheaties so you can be a champ while you watch championship games!

  • Big 10 Championship: Wisconsin vs Ohio State at 7:17 pm (that's weirdly specific) on FOX (oh I see)
  • ACC Championship: Florida State vs Georgia Tech at 7 pm on ABC
  • SEC Championship: Alabama vs Mizzou at 3 pm on CBS
  • Oh and the Big 12 play a couple of games today that kinda affect everything and also nothing at the same time, but you might want to watch it if you think you'd enjoy it. Iowa State and TCU go on at 11 am on ABC, and Baylor and K-State kick off at 6:45 pm on ESPN. I'm going to play ultimate frisbee in the park instead with the only thought to this game being a daydream of real bears and wildcats fighting (real cyclones and real horny toads seems just cruel). You're welcome to join.

Sad that the ride is over, but glad it happened all the same. The soccer gals took the trip to Boca Raton, but came up a bit short, falling to Virginia 3-1. Super proud to have Aggies represent us at the national stage and hope to see them get two wins further next year. Just know that we love you and this is why we follow Aggie Soccer.

I'll leave you with a few words from Coach G.