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Daily Bull 12.27.14

The abrupt stop in Christmas music has left us all a bit woozy but that might just be the expired egg nog. Let's get back into the football.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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ICYMI. West Virginia's QB Clint Trickett who has just the best name for a player in West Virginia, made the decision Friday to stop playing football due to cranial injuries. Replacing him is sophomore Skyler Howard who is sitting on a 55.4% completion rate, lower than Trickett, but could give the defense a run for their money because they are the Aggie defense, BUT there's still a good chance our guys can pull this off. Miles Garrett can at least feel less guilty about sacks if he gets to Howard with Trickett gone. Read up more about the bowl game with Ranger222 here.

Bowls. Bowls. Bowls. Bowls. Bowls.

Cincinnati vs Virginia Tech | Military Bowl | Annapolis, MD | 12 PM | ESPN

Camacho's Taek: Well, Bud Foster's still on the VT sideline and Tommy Tuberville is still with the Bearcats. Don't worry, Cincinnati. He's not leaving the restaurant to take another coaching job; he's just repulsed by the fact that you mix cinnamon with ground beef and put it on top of spaghetti and then have the gall to call it "chili."

Arizona State vs. Duke | Hyundai Sun Bowl | El Paso, TX | 1 PM | CBS

Camacho's Taek: A couple of Devils turned loose on Juarez, and I'm not talkin' 'bout the mascots. Watching Verne and Gary bleary-eyed in the bright desert sunlight is like watching a fish flop around on dry land, only with slightly less dignity and relevant insight.

Miami vs. South Carolina | Duck Commander Independence Bowl | Shreveport, LA | 2:30 PM | ABC

Camacho's Taek: Waterfowl and Shreveport residents do not generally coexist in perfect harmony, so hopefully this game is early enough so that the all-night hold 'em tourney is still wrapping up at Sam's Town and the Duck Dynasty gentry are still on the links.

Boston College vs. Penn State | New Era Pinstripe Bowl | Bronx, NY | Yankee Stadium | 3:30 PM | ESPN

Camacho's Taek: If you distilled the most miserable and obnoxious aspects of sports fandom into a single mindset and geographical setting, you could not possibly create a more stereotypical bowl game. Watch for it to be dark by the second quarter with banks of fog being shredded apart by gallant fullbacks with grit and want-to.

And it will all be narrated by Matt Millen.

Nebraska vs. USC | National University Holiday Bowl | San Diego, CA | 7 PM | ESPN

Camacho's Taek: USC seems to have finally hit stride under Sark, while Nebraska just fired another coach who was winning 9 games a year. The game might not be entertaining, but the hordes of rosy-cheeked Midwesterners wandering around Sea World looking for the animatronic Jaws 3 apparatus should be the focus of at least one ESPN camera crew and reporter IMHO.

If you run out of football things to talk about, what cool Aggie things did you get for Christmas? If they are really great you might have a chance to win something!*

*Prizes include free GBH subscription and unwatermarked photoshops to present as your own.