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Daily Bull 12.21.14

It's okay if you want to be alone with your thoughts today as we mourn the loss of a great friend, family member, nurturer and torturer of dreams. Kyle Field, may you rise from the dust mightier and more beautiful than before.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Mood Whiplash. The world ended on Friday, until things got better with the overwhelming force that is Kyler Murray showed us it's gonna be alright.  He and the Allen Eagle team soared over the Cy Ranch Mustangs (I'm sorry about mascot puns, but not really) with a 47-16 score. He leaves high school with a completely undefeated record as a starter and with three state championships.  If you are looking for a bit more anticipatory excitement from high school football, the Under Armour All America game will be on January 2nd and will include Murray and new Aggie commit Christian Kirk on the rosters.

I guess the Wildcats were taller and more jumpy than us. The Men's basketball team fell to the Kansas State Wildcats yesterday with the final score of 64-71. It seems that they attempted to keep up until just after the half when the Wildcats shooting percentages were sky high. Ah, basketball, you fickle beast. Well, unless it's the Women's team. Coach Blair is a saint and I'm pretty sure a wizard. The Women's team continues on their undefeated record to beat the ever livin', ever lovin', compound, complex, Fightin' Texas Aggie hell out of t.u. in Little Rock today. The lady Ags are sitting at #4 in the polls with Texas just above them at #3. The game is a SEC/Big XII challenge and it looks like we already won the network rights challenge as the game will be broadcast on the SEC Network at 12:30 pm. Top ten matches are exciting and might distract you from the fact that...

Your memories are now a pile of rubble. Kyle Field as you know it is officially gone. The implosion this morning was met with spectators who were both sad and excited for the demolition and continuing construction of Kyle. Good news is that there's a surplus of concrete that the 12th Man Foundation can auction off and I feel an "everything must go" sale coming on! Get your rubble for half price!