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Daily Bull 11.8.14

Rising up, back on the street/ Did my time, took my chances/ Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet/ Just a man and his will to survive.

The Aggie Band is traveling to Auburn to make sure something at the game will be won.
The Aggie Band is traveling to Auburn to make sure something at the game will be won.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

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BTHO Tiger Team 1. This begins our month long trilogy of striped contenders which will air at 2:30pm on CBS. Today's Media Blitz can be found here and make sure you post your play by play on the gameday thread of either you being astounded that the team is playing amazingly or that you're astounded that we managed to keep up the meh performance. I'm hoping for some Space Jam magic when the team touches the football, all their talent comes back and we get a three game winning streak to end the season with.

It takes a lot to make the articles preparing for the Auburn game. We added a pinch of Predict the Score and laughter too. The TAILGATE to add some spice and a dash of ALL CAPS to make it nice. When it comes to gameday prep you can check up on games 'round the country with Verne, Lee and PAWL too. I know you might be thinking that too many non-Aggie football games could spoil the day, but really they'll fill your heart with so much POFG. I know that might be too many links, but you can never really have too much when everyone adds their own scoop to the GBH stew. Smarf.

Ole Ole Ole Ole SEC Championship. Soccer kept it a nail biter last night with their 1-0 win against the Gamecocks. A last minute goal made it in with Kelley Monogue and Bianca Brinson putting one on the board to secure victory for the Aggies. They will play Kentucky on Sunday at 2pm to cinch up a conference tourney championship to add to their regular season trophy.

Bouncyball is back in action. The Women's team takes on Oklahoma City Univeristy in Reed at 7pm tonight on the SEC Network+. Watch it if you're feeling [bad/great/indifferent] about the football game to get you back into the basketball mood.

BTHO auburn!